moms reach - miami

where to start

University of Miami/Nova Southeastern University Center for Autism and Realted Disabilities

Autism Spectrum Assessment Clinic
University of Miami
(305) 284-6140

Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System

Autism Speaks

National Autism Association

Generation Rescue

Easter Seals Disability Services

Autism Society of America

Asperger's Society

Moms Reach does not provide medical or legal advice or services.  Rather, Moms Reach provides general information about autism and spectrum related conditions as a service to our community.  The information and resources provided by Moms Reach and are not recommendations, referrals or endorsements of any person, product or service.  The information (oral or written) given by Moms Reach is not intended as a tool for verifying credentials, qualifications or abilities of any organization, product or professional.  Moms Reach has not validated and is not responsible for any information or services provided by third parties.  Please use your own independent judgment and request multiple references when considering any and all resources associated with the provision of services related to autism and spectrum related issues and otherwise.
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